New Body Award

—  VFX

McFit Models, the talent agency from the biggest fitness studio chain in Germany, came up with a  special award ceremony to promote and celebrate their cast and culture.

They needed TV Spots and a Show opener, and the concept was to feature their models breaking into gold. The approach in the end was a mix of live action, make-up and VFX, depending on the needs of each film.

— The Spot

Two commercials were created for the campaign, the second one (seen above) with a much higher emphasis on visual effects.

The pipeline included a mix of Maya, Houdini, Cinema 4D and Flame to put it together.


— The Show

For the show opener, the actors were painted gold with make-up, and then after the background was removed in Nuke, the plates were used in After Effects to create the multiple kaleidoscope layouts.


— Credits

Art Direction, Motion Design & Creative Supervision: Guilherme Todorov

VFX Supervision: Bastian Konradt & Radoslaw Jamrog

Compositing: Dag Kjetsa, Jonathan Nordlöf & James Johnston

Houdini: Jakob Porwol

Produced at: Chimney Berlin