Geneva International Motor Show 2020

—  Stage Visuals

Graphics package for the stage presentation of a Car brand at the International Motor Show 2020 in Geneva.

The project, along with the event, was canceled last minute due to the Corona Virus pandemic, so these are some of the highlights from the production.


— Morning


— Day


— Afternoon


— Evening

To connect with the visual language of the booth, the designs had to translate a more personal approach to the brand, which meant soft and clean curves and a palette simulating different daylight times, which would be especially noticiable during the Press Conference.

I was mainly tasked with finalizing the visual language from the original concept, translating all the setups to Redshift and making sure the rest of the production followed suit. These highlights represent mostly the shots I was personally involved during pre-production and production approvals.

The Press Conference graphics sheet was developed to support the presentation and would be cued live by a Ventuz operator. Each asset with an intro, outro, transitions and all time slots.


— Animation Examples


— Credits

Lead Motion Design: Guilherme Todorov

Art Direction Concept: Marko Katanic

Motion Design: Mark Laqua & Tulio Inoue

Produced at: Chimney Berlin