Parada Billboard

—  Graphics Package

Over the last couple of weeks of 2014, I was tasked at Ogilvy São Paulo to animate the Title Sequence and TV Package for Parada Billboard, a proposal for a weekly VJ program from Billboard magazine for a cable network. I got the title board from the creative and had to come up with the concept and animation for the package.


The idea for the story was a quick "race to the top" with the simple character, mixing retro visuals reminding of video games from the 70s with a modern and minimalistic tone to the animation.

I wanted to play around with depth and perception in 2D, so I found a solution to animate the title board in Cinema 4D, but in a way that was impossible to distinguish from the other parts of the sequence, which were simple 2D shape animations from After Effects.

In the end, mixing my favorite techniques at the time and finding new ways of approaching this style was one of the most fun I've ever had.

— Credits

Art Direction & Motion Design: Guilherme Todorov

Motion Supervision: Tulio Inoue

Creative: Frederico Gasparian

Sound Design: Daniel Yamada

Produced at: Ogilvy São Paulo